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26 318d 00h office /inventoryBrowser/css/images/ - Added jquery-ui images for the inventoryBrowser (thank you NitroPL!)  
24 454d 21h vero / - Add the group membership tracking template.
- Clean up of templates and addition of documentation.
- Fixes for jiggly textareas.
- Added “.dist” extension to configuration files to facilitate upgrades.
21 471d 03h office /inventoryBrowser/ - Add “Download” capability to “inventoryBrowser” template in order to be able to download snapshot images.  
20 472d 04h zed /inventoryBrowser/ - Add “Library” folder handling for upcoming release.  
19 472d 05h zed /inventoryBrowser/ - Wrap notecard data in HTML pre-formatted tags.  
18 485d 01h eva /inventoryBrowser/ - Change “inventoryBrowser” template to serve JS files locally.  
17 485d 03h eva /inventoryBrowser/ - Use HTTPs js.  
16 485d 10h eva /inventoryBrowser/ - Rename “config.php” to “config.php.dist”.  
15 485d 11h eva /inventoryBrowser/ - Initial commit of the “inventoryBrowser” template.