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53 190d 11h office /renderAvatarsMap/ - Fix semicolon.  
52 194d 12h office /groupChat/ - Add CRSF for group chat.  
51 194d 12h office /instantMessage/ - More CRSF.  
50 194d 12h office /instantMessage/ - Add CRSF protection for instant messages.  
49 231d 10h office /groupChat/ add missing configuration tag in config.php.dist  
48 231d 10h office /groupChat/ add notification tag  
47 258d 21h office /instantMessage/ - Increase maximum firstname and lastname length to 63.  
46 259d 14h office /groupChat/ cleanup  
45 259d 14h office /instantMessage/ restyle  
44 259d 14h office /instantMessage/ bootstrapify  
43 259d 17h office /instantMessage/ upgrade jquery and jquery UI  
42 259d 17h office /instantMessage/ add jquery UI  
41 259d 19h office /instantMessage/ remove reply since it is not needed  
40 259d 19h office /instantMessage/messages/ ignore messages directory  
39 259d 19h office /instantMessage/ ignore configuration  
38 259d 19h office /instantMessage/ - Add bootstrap, bootstrap-validator and velocity.  
37 259d 19h office /groupChat/ cleanup  
36 259d 19h office /groupChat/ ignore chat log and configuration file.  
35 259d 19h office /groupChat/ override texbox background  
34 259d 19h office /groupChat/ sizing on inputs  

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